#travelista: A British-Indonesian Tea Session with Ollie, the Andrenaline-Junkie Traveller

#travelista is the section where travel meets fashion. This time, I had the chance to have a chit-chat with Annisa Aulia Handika, or famously known as Ollie, who has been wandering around in Europe. Ollie has caught my attention for this boyish-girlish signature look of hers everytime she travels.

Let’s hear our conversation while sipping an English breakfast tea with an Indonesian style.

Ollie!!! You’ve just visited the country I cannot stop talking about, Iceland!!! Had a great day in Iceland?

Iceland, it was just awesome! The best part was Aurora Borealis, the one that I’ve been craving for a long time and it just happened.

You seem like enjoying scenic routes more than going to cities. Tell us about your travel preferences.

Yes, I am. After my hiking experience to Kjeragbolten, I’m getting prefer enjoying natural scenerie more than going to cities. But, I do love city too, like Porto of Paris at midnight. If I’m going to travel, I need to have my goal, like what is the best thing I want to do, either skydiving, hiking to Kjeragbolten, get to see Aurora or something else. Then I will just enjoy the rest of the time of my journey, without rushing.

This is a cliché question anyway, What do you like about travelling? What’s so fun about it?

The feeling when you’re standing on the place that you never imagined before. And also, I do love to learn how the live of people in that city. And be grateful for what I had.

What’s the thing that always on your to-do list when you visit a place?

I always collect sand from the beach I visit and put it on the bottle then named it.

Does travelling shape you into THE Ollie right now?

When I think about it, yes, travelling makes me into the Ollie right now. I can say like that. Meeting a lot of different people, know the stories of their life, learning what’s their problem, making me into Ollie who wants to know more about this life. I’ve been skydiving, hiking to Kjeragbolten, flying a plane, and I want to do more extreme and new experience again.

Anyway, you caught my attention for your boyish-girlish look. Especially how you combined your bright pink outdoor jacket, mini skirt, and sneakers. Are those your signature style?

Hahahaha I’m not sure. Accidentally my style become my habbit then. At first, since I’m oceanographer who needs to go outdoor on the sea, I need a proper jacket, then I bought the pink one. But because I can not handle cold weather, then I alwasys bring it when I was travelling. I’m not that kinda girl who spend a lot of money on clothes because I spent it for cameras, so I just mix and match clothes I had, and since I’m in the UK, I want to do something different from my style when I was in Indonesia.

How do you define your style?

I was so shocked when you asked me to do this interview about my style, honestly because I feel I’m not that fashionable enough. But, I don’t care to much about it, since this boyish-girl look really comfort me.

Is it being influenced by the British? (Ollie has been living in Southampton for a year). How far do they influence your style?

Yes, I can say the British style had influence me. Feel free to express what you want to wear, I guess this kind of thought that influence me. So, I feel like I can just wear something different and be confident about it.

Any advice for staying stylish yet comfortable while travelling?

Don’t think too much. Just wear what you want to wear, and be comfort with it. If you go to cold place, then wear something thick. What you wear is the best part of you, so be proud of it.

I always ask this question to every #travelista. Pls give us advices on getting a good picture.

Think out of the box. And get used to it. Everything needs practice to make it good.

    • VSCOCam favourite preset?

I usually used G3 mode and play with exposure. Know what is your tone then play with it.

Thaaaankyooou, Ollie! Gimme a call when you are in Indonesia. 




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