#travelista: Inspirational Guides to Juggle Between Work and Traveling from Anjai

Omotesando Hills, Japan

Spring is already here and summer is coming next. In a nutshell, the holiday season is coming up! We have Anjai Sarah for today’s travelista session. She is a known full time traveller and part time Geophysicist. She is a fun girl to talk to and for sure, her style is super fun to look to. Read our chit chat below and you might get inspired by her.

Anjaiiii, how are you? Still lookin’ fabulous, eh?

Bhelloooo, I’m very very fine. huahahaa look who’s talking? You look fabulous yourself bhell!

Thanks for the sweet compliment 😀

Tell us a lil bit about you and ur busy days

I am a 25 years-old grown woman (I hope :D) and a second child in my family.

My daily working life is being a Geophysicist in the Oil & Gas company but I often call myself as a wanderlust and daydreamer because I really looove traveling and sleeping! hahahaha…

My other fascinating hobbies are crafting, cooking, and making money~ So, beside of doing my daily job, I’m currently running some online shops (daydreamethings for handmade accessories, manislaris for handmade pouch, and shawlove.id for handmade hijab). If you asked me why I do so many things, I bet you’ve already known the answer….. yes, for paying my traveling bills! :p

Haji Lane, Singapore

How do you manage to travel between your busy days?

I always plan it long before I go. Usually right after I’ve got the next year’s calendar, I mark any days between national holidays that can be possible days for travelling without request too many annual leaves to my boss. Then I regularly check travel fair schedule or airfare big sale when they sell very cheap airplane tickets.

Windermere, UK

What is your favourite destination so far? and why?

UK! It’s truly a beautiful country. It has everything!

From high class Harrods to free entry British Museum, from Harry Potter to Sherlock Holmes, from The Beatles to Coldplay, from Liverpool FC to Manchester United, from Oxford to Cambridge, from modern buildings to old heritages.

Even one week to only go around London it’s not enough. Too many places to be listed: Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, London Eye, TATE Museum, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, St.Paul’s Cathedral, Camden Market, Portobello Market, Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Battersea Park, Hampton Court Palace, Notting Hill, etc.

Outside London? It’s even better! Less people, no crowds, more landscape which I love it a lot. There’s super beautiful Lake District, mystical York, classic Edinburgh, roman Bath, peaceful Leicester, countryside Sheffield, north-coast Scarborough, south-sandy Bournemouth, not yet to mention other region: Wales, Scotland, and Northern Island!

My favorite city so far in UK is Windermere, one of the Lake Districts. It’s the city where Petter Rabbit was born. It has beautiful lake, vintage houses and small shops, walking distance streets, forest and hills to be hiked. It is a very good destination for escaping and relaxing from our hectic days. It’s like a village that you found in your childhood’s book. I think I can live forever happily ever after in there 🙂

Pahawang Island, Lampung, Indonesia

Do you plan your travel outfit in advance? Like your outfit each day?

Actually, yes 😀

I like to think about what outfit that I should wear, listing it, matching it with place that I will visit and also with current weather in there.

Some people think it takes an effort to stay stylish while travelling. What do you think about this?

For me, it’s the opposite. For me, it’s a good effort because when you are traveling, you never forget to take picture of yourself with your visited places, then you want to look good in those pictures, right? You don’t want to regret, when 10 years later you see those pictures, you will be wondering how bad you look like. Hahahaha..

Batu Cave, Malaysia

How do you describe your style and who is your influencer?

I think my style is Eclectic. I’m not a type of person who just wears one type of style. It depends on my mood and my surrounds. I like to follow the updated fashion, but I also like to wear the vintage things. I like to mix and match my outfits as long as it looks good. Not too much, but also not too plain.

My influencers mostly are Selebgram. I like fashioninmysoul, steffyspandcs, and anaoctarina.

Any favourite designer?

I really like Kate Spade especially for the handbags, because her design is unique, fresh, and has variety of colors from monochrome, bold, to pastel.

What is the first thing you look at another person’s outfit?

Matching or not. Hahahaha.. Match in here doesn’t mean we have to wear the same color from top to bottom, we can mix it but still in good harmony. If I wear all in the same colors, I will pop up my outfit with unique or bold color accessories. If I wear bold color top or pattern top, I may prefer to wear natural color bottom or plain bottom, and vice versa.

OK, I have asked too many questions. Haha. Last but not least, any advice for us who wants to stay fabulous while traveling?

Wearing the cozy outfits which fit with the weather condition is the most important thing. If you travel for a week, bring at least one dress, one jeans, one skirt, and one natural color bag & shoes. And you know what? Being stylish doesn’t always mean expensive. The cheap tops and bottoms, if you can mix it well, can look lavish. H&M, ZARA, Mango, or Uniqlo always give a good deal in season sale and their products are never out-of-date. I ever got only 400K swan feather winter jackets from original 1,3million in ZARA.

Any advices also for good pictures? and pose!

Actually for this, it depends on…. The Photographers! Hahahahaa…

Even if you already gave your best pose, if the photographer doesn’t have a good sense of taking pictures in right proportion, your pictures will be still looked haggish.

My typical is to be shot in the middle of square frame with proportion of background is larger than me. No other people in my pictures is also one of my typical (which really hard to be achieved, hahaha.)

For the pose, personally I feel I’m not good in posing! I just have the same type of pose, which is wearing sunglasses, seeing right into the camera/looking down/to the left. Soooo boring, hahahaa.

My advices to get a good body shape of picture are straighten up your body, put your confidence, and just… click! 😀

Thaanks Anjaaaai! It was indeed fun talking to you and thanks for the tips. 



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