From Malaysia with Style

I am so INTO fashion. I often express myself with clothes but I never categorised what kind of style I am into nor following the current trends. My goal is as simply as dress the dress that makes me happy (and looks taller!). Travelling and fashion are a perfect duo to maximise my happiness. This time, I fixed my eyes on Malaysia.

We all know where Malaysia is. Being the neighbour of Indonesia, both Indonesia and Malaysia have quite similar cultures. Nevertheless, I found it quite surprising when I landed myself in KL and found their public transportation system was way much better than what we had here in Indonesia.

I knew KL’s tourist attractions from some friends who lived and visited Malaysia previously, and also some travel blogs. I googled with a keyword “hidden gems in KL” but what I got was no different than the basic information I had known. Lucky me, my best friend had discovered some of the best places in KL and I documented those places with my favourite thing to do: styling myself.

What Did I Pack

I carried two bags with me: a backpack and a laptop bag. No additional baggage. I always tried to pack less and style more. This time, my list of outfits consisted of:

  • a training pants and a camisole that I wore on day 01
  • a grey midi skirt
  • a black legging
  • a black outerwear
  • a patch-work outerwear
  • 2 long Ts
  • a bright yellow hiking jacket (Instead of carrying an umbrella for a rainy KL, i preferred to have this fashionable bright jacket with me)
  • 4 scarfs

Those items might sound a lot and killing my backpack space. But with a good packing trick (instead of folding clothes, it’s best to roll those), I managed to make those occupied only ¼ of my backpack space. The rest was filled with my big DSLR, towel, makeup kit, shower kit, shoes, and snacks.


My short visit to KL left a good impression on me. The opposite for Malacca where I found it to be a tourist trap (more on my next blog post). KL’s cloudy weather made a vivid colour on every picture I took. I had to thank my bestfriend, @trianamustika, for the local guide and of course, for being so patient having a perfectionist friend when it came for a picture’s angle.



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