Makeup Review: A Week of Red Lipstick Galore

What could be sweeter than a large-sized cup of your favorite ice cream filled with colorful sprinkles and marshmallows? It’s a sweet package of red lipsticks! My excitement arose when I found 2 lip creams, 1 lipstick, and 2 lip balms inside white paper bag. Without further ado, I planned my whole week outfit aligned with lip colors I would use.


Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte #84

Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte is still one the hottest local-brand matte lipsticks ever. Its price is undoubtedly super affordable with IDR40k and it comes with a set of flawless shades. I have used its orange-ish (#88) and purple-ish (#83) shades previously and all I could say was this red shade is more pigmented than the other two I tried.

Like any other matte version, this lipstick series shows a rich-pigmented color that stays longer on your lips. It lasted around 2-3h when I used it and started to fade after eating. At the opposite, we had to bear with its super dryness to get those colors applied beautifully on our lips. I always applied a lip balm before using it, I even applied a thin layer of the Body Shop hi-shine lip treatment at the end to prevent a cracked-patterned-lip look.

Furthermore, its “affordable” price represents how fragile its packaging is. As soon after I unboxed it, I realized how plastic-alike it is. The lipstick itself is quite fragile so I strongly advise you to open it carefully when you want to use it. I broke mine once 🙁

Lip Creams: The Balm Meet Matte(e) Hughes VS Sleek Matte Me

I barely used a lip tint nor lip cream before because one that my sister bought me from Korea was not my type. Its color didn’t came out perfectly (ok it wasn’t a matte one). Since I don’t like the Korean style of a gradient lips (they named it the Ulzzang Style), my image of a lip tint wasn’t good at the beginning. 

But after I tried these two lip creams, I suddenly loved using a lip cream. and yes, cause they were matte!

Pardon my bloated face. I was using the Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes – shade Loyal

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes is really on the market right now. I posted its picture on Path and several friends commented if they had used one. They even mentioned if it was their favorite. When I applied my first layer, I found out why it was everyone’s favorite.

Firstly, it gave me a chill effect of mint. I felt like applying my favorite Dilmah peppermint tea on my lips, only that now it came with a bright red color. Secondly, the color was awesomely popped out with only one layer!!! I was in love.

Posing with my homeroom teacher. I was using Sleek Matte Me Rioja Red #433

I had the chance to apply Sleek Matte Me Rioja Red #433 for my high school reunion. Its red color came out strong on my lips till every babies I met cried when they saw me. When I mentioned how strong it turned, I had to mention how dry it was tho it wasn’t as dry as Purbasari one.

But then, what I got in return was: it was undeniably long-lasting. I was impressed how long it lasted on my lips. The reunion started at 9AM so I applied it around 8AM. I ate my breakfast, munched a box of snacks, had a T-Rex-portion of lunch with chicken satay and dumplings, and drank a glass of coconut ice; yet it stayed red ’till night. R E D.

Which one is my favorite amongst three?

It is hard deciding which one is my favorite amongst three. Especially when I have to choose between red lipstick because I am a fan of bright-colored lipstick. I don’t usually re-apply my lipstick after eating so my choice is Sleek Matte Me. I am fully amazed with how permanent it could last on my lips. I spent my whole morning cleaning its stains on my yellow jacket. Yeah, it was that hard to remove its stains because it smudged all over my jacket. Therefore, I think Sleek Matte Me would be a perfect match for a traveller like me.

What about you? Do you want to recommend me any lipstick I would buy next?




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