What did I get for Myself to Celebrate the Oct 25th

You are used to get tons of birthday presents from your friends. But when was the last time you gave yourself a birthday present?

I am indeed very lucky. I have my families and friends around on my special day —Well, actually I don’t want to call it a special day since it reminds me if I am getting a year older. Their presence are more than enough and sometimes, having them tricked or surprised me adds a fireworks into my day.

For the-N times Oct 25th this year, I wanted to give myself a present. A memorable one. Therefore, I started saving some bucks for that present.

I was very precise of what I wanted: a mirrorless camera

I had been longing to switch from my bulky DSLR to a lighter mirrorless camera. My DSLR is OK, but I wanted a lighter camera because of my intense mobility. So when I learned about mirrorless camera, I was that obsessed.

I benchmarked several mirrorless cameras. Some of my friends and some photographer reviews those I read recommended Fujifilm X-A2 and Sony A5100. I was a Canon user and I never tried any Fuji camera. I knew Fuji was a huge hit nowadays because it was everywhere on my Instagram feed. In short, I started looking at Fuji sample images. I was in love with X-T1 but its quite pricey and I wasn’t a pro photographer (I love photography because I am a visual person). Afterwards, X-T2 came to the market. Oh crap!

Then I spotted you, Fujifilm X-T10!

I stumbled upon X-T10 review on DPReview, and its review mentioned the previous X-T1 as a comparison. While I was in love with X-T1, DPReview were like saying to me, “Nabs, you could get your dreamy X-T1 with a more reasonable price.” Lucky me, a friend of mine just bought the exact X-T10 so I could try my hand at it. After some minutes of trying to figure out how to snap pictures with it, I knew for sure that it was what I wanted.

… the journey has just began. Happy Bday, Me!

I am not a gadget freak nor like to update my photography gears. I had been staying with my EOS 60D and its 18-55mm kit lenses for ages (not to mention, those who were so generous for lending me their lenses). Now it is time to embark on a new photography journey with my black X-T10. My new toy has successfully triggered my curiosity on how to maximize its features and improve my photography skill.

Most importantly, I couldn’t describe this happy feeling for being able to buy my dreamy mirrorless camera by saving some bucks each time. I don’t have any Credit Card FYI :p

Enjoy my very first few shots with X-T10 and XF 35mm F2 R WR below.




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