Who is Nabila As’ad?

Hello! I am the owner of this N A B S blog. Tho this blog launched in November 2015, I have been blogging on .bhella.bhello. since 2007. While I  almost never post in .bhella.bhello. again, this blog mainly focuses on my travel obsession where I can interact with other (solo) travelers. You might prefer to jump to the last paragraph.

I grew up in a small city in Indonesia. My friends call me a globe-hopper. I started traveling since I was a kid but I got addicted after I first moved to Portugal. Living far from my family triggered myself to seek for a family in a strange land. That was the first time I challenged myself to travel alone, hitchhike, camp, Couchsurf, and many more you name it.

I am the one who believes that traveling is more about the stories and experiences rather than souvenirs. I value talking to locals, eating traditional foods, staying with locals, wandering without direction, and getting lost. In a nutshell, I feel like I am getting to know myself more when I am being a stranger.

OK so, I need to cut the above-mentioned explanation about myself. Three roles to describe Nabila As’ad: a mother, a wife, and a student. During office hours, I immerse myself in my research passion on the Service Ecosystem topic. After 6 PM, I shift my focus to my after-office duties: enjoying times with my little family and working on never-ending house chores. I blog not that often, with a new topic of interest: motherhood.