You Could Never Escape from Anything-with-Beef Cuisines in Makassar

My flight was at 6AM from Bandung to Makassar. I brought two slices of wheat bread because I knew I would starve during my 2h flight. I fell asleep immediately after I was seated. I didn’t realise if my plane had taken off nor I heard the attendants coming. I woke up in the middle of my flight to take a few bites of my breads, then got back to sleep.

Pimo, a friend of mine who worked in Makassar and the reason why my friends & I came here, picked me up at the airport. She found me grumbling on how starving I was. “OK, we pick Rina and Rara up, then we’ll have Sop Saudara. You have no objection of eating beef in the morning, right?” said Pimo calmly. I nodded immediately and said loudly, “I WANT ALL THOSE MAKASSAR AUTHENTIC CUISINES. YEAY!” I barely had heavy breakfast, but this time I wouldn’t say NO. Little I knew, I shouldn’t had said that because I could barely escape from beef here in Makassar. You’ll know why.

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The Most Unforgettable Icelandic Territory of Taste (Part I)

Who knows about the blue lagoon? Thousands raise their hand.

Then, who knows what svid is? Silence is approaching.

Iceland’s magnificent landscape attracts tourists and travellers at the first place to visit the country. I have to admit, this attracted me too at the beginning. You might have known lots about the country’s beauty, but you barely heard about the unforgettable delicacies the country has. Am I right?

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