NABS X @ettasekar: POP! in Singapore

Shopping, this might be the first word adhered to Singapore. But I believe the country could offer me more than just shopping fiesta. I was indeed lucky to collaborate with an artsy travelmate namely @ettasekar, who surprisingly had the same taste with me regarding Singapore. We never had in mind to visit those mainstream places during our visit. Instead, what we did was mural and colorful old buildings hunting. So that’s why we called this collaboration as…

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Tiara Rezky’s Secret Kits to Look Flawless in Seoul

Happy Sunday, people!!! This time I am happy for having this fabulous blogger/traveller/makeup artist whom I have known for quite a long time. What makes me happier is that she generously shares her secret tips in staying flawless during her trip to Seoul (psst, and also some Instagrammable spots in Seoul).

She is also a blogger on The Adventworare, you might love to check her blog like I do!

Text and photos by Tiara Rezky.

OOTD at Ihwa Mural Villlage

Dear World,

Let me introduce myself first. I am Tiara Rezky Amalia, 27yo, raised and born in Balikpapan-Indonesia, and dreaming to see the world. I am part time working as Traveler and also a Makeup Artist. I can’t decide which one dominates my heart, I guess I equally love both of them.

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#travelista: Inspirational Guides to Juggle Between Work and Traveling from Anjai

Omotesando Hills, Japan

Spring is already here and summer is coming next. In a nutshell, the holiday season is coming up! We have Anjai Sarah for today’s travelista session. She is a known full time traveller and part time Geophysicist. She is a fun girl to talk to and for sure, her style is super fun to look to. Read our chit chat below and you might get inspired by her.

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#travelista: When Thrifting and Travelling Could Be More Fun with Ozu

#travelista is the section where travel meets fashion. When talking about vintage fashion hunting (or so we call it thrifting), Nazura Gulfira Akbar’s trademark vintage style and her love for thrifting (she successfully styles secondhand stuffs with branded one on every outfit!) come into my mind. Then, we see pictures on her Instagram. This tourism lecturer does travel. A lot.

I had the chance to talk with Ozu about her passion for traveling and thrifting. Let’s join our #travelista chit-chat below!

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#travelista: A British-Indonesian Tea Session with Ollie, the Andrenaline-Junkie Traveller

#travelista is the section where travel meets fashion. This time, I had the chance to have a chit-chat with Annisa Aulia Handika, or famously known as Ollie, who has been wandering around in Europe. Ollie has caught my attention for this boyish-girlish signature look of hers everytime she travels.

Let’s hear our conversation while sipping an English breakfast tea with an Indonesian style.

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