The Most Unforgettable Icelandic Territory of Taste (Part I)

Who knows about the blue lagoon? Thousands raise their hand.

Then, who knows what svid is? Silence is approaching.

Iceland’s magnificent landscape attracts tourists and travellers at the first place to visit the country. I have to admit, this attracted me too at the beginning. You might have known lots about the country’s beauty, but you barely heard about the unforgettable delicacies the country has. Am I right?

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3 Facts You Have to Know Before Coming to New Zealand

It’s Hobbiton!

Text and photos by Anri Pristidianita.

First of all, let me introduce New Zealand. Have you watched or read the Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit? Nah! Those movies were shot in New Zealand, in over 170 places all around the country. Why they did it in New Zealand? It’s just because New Zealand offers beautiful landscape which really close with what in the books.

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#travelista: When Thrifting and Travelling Could Be More Fun with Ozu

#travelista is the section where travel meets fashion. When talking about vintage fashion hunting (or so we call it thrifting), Nazura Gulfira Akbar’s trademark vintage style and her love for thrifting (she successfully styles secondhand stuffs with branded one on every outfit!) come into my mind. Then, we see pictures on her Instagram. This tourism lecturer does travel. A lot.

I had the chance to talk with Ozu about her passion for traveling and thrifting. Let’s join our #travelista chit-chat below!

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#travelista: A British-Indonesian Tea Session with Ollie, the Andrenaline-Junkie Traveller

#travelista is the section where travel meets fashion. This time, I had the chance to have a chit-chat with Annisa Aulia Handika, or famously known as Ollie, who has been wandering around in Europe. Ollie has caught my attention for this boyish-girlish signature look of hers everytime she travels.

Let’s hear our conversation while sipping an English breakfast tea with an Indonesian style.

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