One Mama’s Review: I Sent My Baby to a Daycare

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When I figured out I was pregnant at the beginning of my Doctorate study, I was left with a big question: Who will take care of my baby?

The answer wasn’t that simple because as you might have known already, my husband and I currently live abroad, and our families are in Indonesia. In both of our families, children were taken care of by the mother since both of our mothers were a housewife or the grandparents in the case of some of my cousins. However, those were not the option for us. The only option for us was a daycare. The final decision of which daycare was taken with much of considerations and of course, long discussion.
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Introducing Baby A to the Joy of Traveling: Our First Attempt(s)


I heard this: traveling with a baby — famously known as a demanding tiny human being— could be quite challenging. Yet, my husband & I couldn’t leave our passion for traveling way behind with the excuse of having a baby. Although we haven’t brought her for a long-haul flight — ps. her home country is a 20h flight away from Portugal– we have been introducing her to the joy of traveling bits by bits.
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Is #BreastfeedingAnywhere Really OK?

#BreastfeedingAnywhere while waiting for a tram. Baby A was inside the jarik

An indoor venue like a shopping mall is not my preferable place to wander around. I prefer to go outdoor below the sun’s shade or the moonlight. This fact doesn’t change after I have a baby. But as a new mama of an almost 8-month-old baby girl and a still-in-learning-phase breastfeeding mama who loves wandering around, I find that breastfeeding is quite challenging. Especially in an outdoor setting where there isn’t any nursing room available (most of the times!).

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My Youth Crushes, a Contemplation on “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”

 Taken from Image courtesy of Netflix. 

Who has watched Netflix’s movie adaptation from a best-selling novel with the same title, “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”?

Who did get the euphoria after watching it?

Who did go back in time to teenage life and its sweet time of having a crush on boy(s)?

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The Day Aisha was Born

Dear Aisha our firstborn,

February 8th, 2018 is one of the most memorable days for Mama, Papa, your Grandparents, and those who love you. This date will be celebrated as your birthday later in the future. You will receive congratulatory messages from your friends, a celebratory family dinner, and sometimes a surprise party.
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Being a Pregnant Woman in Portugal: the Administration & Check Up

Maternity Book or Boletim de Saudé da Grávida

I came to Portugal when I was in my second trimester of pregnancy. I had had several checkups at the OB/GYN every month when I was in Indonesia, but then I need to continue my checkups here in Portugal. Having said so, different country, different rule, and standard. I was lucky that I met some Indonesian friends who had given birth in Portugal several years ago and they helped me a lot during my pregnancy. Therefore, I want to do the same through this blog post. Hopefully, it could help anyone (foreigner especially) to have safe and joyful pregnancy here.
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