#travelista: When Thrifting and Travelling Could Be More Fun with Ozu

#travelista is the section where travel meets fashion. When talking about vintage fashion hunting (or so we call it thrifting), Nazura Gulfira Akbar’s trademark vintage style and her love for thrifting (she successfully styles secondhand stuffs with branded one on every outfit!) come into my mind. Then, we see pictures on her Instagram. This tourism lecturer does travel. A lot.

I had the chance to talk with Ozu about her passion for traveling and thrifting. Let’s join our #travelista chit-chat below!

Hi, Ozu! How are you? I have been following your IG feed. It seems like you just came back from Japan, haven’t you?

Hi Bhella! I’m doing well. Yup, I went to Japan last July.

How was Japan?

It was terribly hot that it even affected my mood during the trip. There were times when I got so cranky because of the deadly summer heat. However, despite the weather, Japan is always adorable and full of surprises. You can’t be unhappy with those kawaii thingy.
Whom were you traveling with?

I traveled with my family, as in, my parents and my young sister.

Speaking of your IG, i love those pictures of yours. Did you hire a photographer? Any tips and trick to get a good picture?

Awww, thanks! I’m flattered. Nope, I took the pictures all by myself except for the pictures of me which were taken by my sister and some of my friends.
And your outfits! Do you plan your outfit every time you travel, Ozu?

Actually, one of the greatest pleasures of traveling (only when I dont go solo traveling or backpacking), is that I can prepare the outfits that I barely wear in Indonesia. I know I’m so cheesy! Hahaha.

Who is your inspiration for fashion? How far do they influence you?

Hmm, it’s kinda hard to explain who have influenced me as I’ve got so much inspiration from many people. I have been following Carrie Harwood’s blog (wishwishwish.net) for four years. Her effortlessly stylish look has caught my heart! I also love the collections of Topshop, Orla Kiely and Urban Outfitters. Ohh, I’m also inspired by indie movies! My favorites are The Moonrise Kingdom, Not Another Happy Ending, and Magic In The Moonlight.
Then, how do you describe your fashion style? and of course, your travelling style?

I think it’s safe to say that my personal style is a mixture of classic, preppy and vintage looks. For my everyday style, I could not leave home without high waist pants, oxford or loafer, collar shirts and blazers. When I travel, I would definitely bring tights, skirts/dresses below the knees in my suitcase and a comfy sneaker.


Well, some of us get so stuck to think about our kind of outfit when we traveled. Any advice on this, Zu?

Go to some thrift shops or flea markets! There are lots and lots of treasures that you won’t find in malls, boutiques, or even online shops. Pasar Senen and Gedebage are definitely places to look for inspirations when I get stuck or get bored with my style.
Thaaaaaank you, Ozu!

Pleasure is mine, Bhellaaaa! Good luck for your upcoming travel website



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